A Future-Proof Investment

The Emerald Integrated Communications Exchange (ICE) is Tadiran's fully integrated digital phone system loaded with sophisticated features providing powerful, scalable technology at an extremely affordable price. The Emerald ICE paves the way for your future by combining functionality and value, allowing you to add new capabilities and capacity as your business needs grow.

With hundreds of standard and advanced features 32 FEATURES, the Emerald ICE is ideally equipped to help your company project a professional image with minimal investment.

The digital Emerald ICE key system enables you to handle:

  • 6 CO Lines,

  • 10 Digital Stations

  • 2 Analog Ports, with the ability to expand to 24 CO Lines

  • 46 Digital Extensions

  • and 18 Analog Ports

Follow the link below to view a short demo video.

Emeral ICE Demo Site